• Editorial

    Since the last issue of the journal I am pleased to announce that the vacancy on the Editorial Committee created by the resignation of Dr Sabar Rustomjee has been filled by Dr Carmela Levy-Stokes. I am glad to welcome her to the committee in its important function of reference resource for the journal.

    This issue brings together articles from diverse perspectives on a range of subjects. Bruce Stevens, with the help of Hans Loewald, raises the possibility of turning ghosts into ancestors; Leonardo Rodriguez reflects on psychoanalysis and the modern context. There are also three papers that emerged from this year’s PPAA Conference in Perth, W.A. They include Craig Powell’s discussion of the short life and poetry of Wilfred Owen, Wendy-Lynne Wolman’s systematic treatment of mistakes by the therapist and Antony Gleeson’s sensitive investigation of the difficulties around training in an institute of psychotherapy.

    This last paper connects usefully with Allan Shafer’s review of a collection of papers by David Armstrong, which heads our review section.

    I commend this issue to your thoughtful attention.

    Don Meadows