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    Contributors Vol. 24
    N° 1 | 2005


    Biographical Notes


    Janet Chauvel
    is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Melbourne. She is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society and a member of the VAPP.

    George Halasz is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and honorary senior lecturer at the Department of Psychological Medicine at Monash Medical Centre, and in private practice.
    From 1992–2005 he was a member of the Editorial Board of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry and from 2005 on the Editorial Board of Australasian Psychiatry. He has written/co-edited three books, many chapters and journal articles. In addition to being a regular panelist on radio Triple ‘R’s ‘Radiotherapy’, appearances in documentaries include ABC TV Compass and Catalyst and ABC Radio’s All in the Mind, most recently on ADHD (19 June 2004), where Dr Halasz discussed the video ‘PILL TIME? ADHD What is it? What is it not?’

    He has lectured in Australia and overseas at conferences, workshops, panels on a range of health related topics with a special interest in intergenerational transmission of trauma. His extensive publications include recent chapters contributed to Children of the Shadows. Voices of the Second Generation edited by Kathy Grinblat (University of Western Australia, 2002) and Vicky Cowling’s Children of Parents with Mental Illness (A.C.E.R., Melbourne 2004).

    Brian Hunt has been a practising psychoanalyst for more than 40 years. During the last 22 years he has worked extensively with post addictive, severely depressed and borderline patients and their children. Brian’s lifelong interest in the history of art and use of visual imagery in psychoanalysis has led him to consider imagery such as that of the Byzantine and Romanesque periods as significant cultural bearers of primary process material. Brian has also worked with children and studied the relationship between individual development and the adoption of social and cultural images. He trained as a teacher in order to work with and explore the development of children’s visual imagery and has lectured on children’s visual imagery and imagery in psychosis.

    Douglas Kirsner is Associate Professor in philosophy and psychoanalytic studies at Deakin University. His most recent books are the republication of The Schizoid World of Jean-Paul Sartre and R. D. Laing (Other Press, New York 2003) and Unfree Associations: Inside Psychoanalytic Institutes Process Press, London, 2000). Dr Kirsner is currently writing a book on politics and ethics in the psychoanalytic movement to be published by Other Press. He founded the Freud Conference in 1977, directed it for 20 years and remains on its committee of management.


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