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    Contributors Vol. 24
    N° 2 | 2005


    Biographical Notes

    Antony Gleeson is a psychotherapist and consultant psychologist in private practice in Sydney. He trained with NSW Institute of Psychotherapy (as it was then known) from 1990 to 1994 and became a member in 1995. He currently works analytically with individuals, couples and families and consults to groups and organisations. He is interested in the boundary between the individual (mind) and the group (mind).

    Susan Laganza is a Child and Adult Psychoanalyst working in private practice in Sydney. She began her professional life as a Child Psychotherapist at Arndell Children’s Unit, North Ryde. She and Ron Brookes began a training programme for Child Psychotherapists at Arndell in 1987. This programme was later transferred to the New South Wales Institute of Psychotherapy. She teaches the Child Psychotherapy course for the Institute of Psychiatry as part of the Child Adolescent and Family Psychiatry Training. She has a special interest in psychotherapy with Asperger’s and young Autistic children.

    Pamela Nathan is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice in Kew, Melbourne. She is a member of the VAPP and is currently a member of Council and the Training Committee. She is a clinical and forensic psychologist, has worked in a forensic setting in the past, including the Psychosexual treatment Program for male and female sex offenders, written many pre-release reports for the Adult Parole Board on high-risk offenders and for the courts, has previously published in this area and has on-going research, clinical interests and supervision interests. Her original training was as a sociologist and she taught for a decade in the universities, with particular research interests in Aboriginal health which have been published. She currently does some work for the Royal Melbourne Hospital including supervision, research and clinical consultations.


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