Contributors Vol. 25
    N 1 | 2006


    Biographical Notes


    Carol Bolton is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice. She is a member of APPWA and coordinates the APPWA sub committee on Infant Observation.

    George Christie
    is a Member of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society and a past President of the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists. He was a Senior Overseas Registrar (198384) and a Locum Consultant Psychotherapist (198486) at the Cassel Hospital, London. He is now in private practice in Melbourne.

    Helga Coulter is a psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in full-time private practice in Melbourne. She trained in London with the Lincoln Clinic and Institute for Psychotherapy. She is an Associate Member of the Lincoln Clinic, a Member of the British Psychoanalytic Council and a Member of the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (VAPP).

    Sharon Favish is a practicing psychotherapist and a member of the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists. She has also completed the four-year training course with the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis.

    Douglas Kirsner is Associate Professor in philosophy and psychoanalytic studies at Deakin University. His most recent books are the republication of The Schizoid World of Jean-Paul Sartre and R. D. Laing (Other Press, New York 2003) and Unfree Associations: Inside Psychoanalytic Institutes Process Press, London, 2000). Dr Kirsner is currently writing a book on politics and ethics in the psychoanalytic movement to be published by Other Press. He founded the Freud Conference in 1977, directed it for 20 years and remains on its committee of management.

    Marion Lustig is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a private practice in Melbourne. She trained originally as a GP and later with the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of which she is a member. She also leads Balint groups for GPs and is the inaugural president of the Balint Society of Australia.